About me

I was born in Barcelona, and since I was very young I was under the focus of my father’s video camera. At school, I was the typical one of the class who always took her camera on excursions and captured all the moments and scenes.

This innate impulse led me to study Audiovisuals and Multimedia, and then to specialize in Photography. I worked for several years in the advertising industry in Barcelona, until I decided to pursue my true passion: to be the photographer who I always wanted to be!

Over the years, I have worked in product, food, lifestyle and family photography.

I love to bring out the creativity in any subject I deal with and make it come true through the lens. I pay a lot of attention to detail and the quality of the end result.

And you, what would you like to create today?

I would love to hear about your project! Send me a message today.


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